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Amazonica Energy has a highly qualified team with extensive experience in the Brazilian market, specially in the sectors of infrastructure, such as Oil & Gas, Energy and Transports, in addition to a wide network of relationships with the main government institutions, Industries and financial players operating in the country.

Marcelo Araujo

Chairman & President

Electrical Engineer from the Rio de Janeiro State University, Brazil, 1986. Strong experience on business development in the Brazilian energy market, especially in the power generation, power transmission and distribution sectors. Mr. Araujo has worked for a number of large energy companies in Brazil and abroad, such as ELETROBRAS, ONS, PETROBRAS, Enel Power and Neoenergia

Ronaldo Melendez​

Executive Vice President & COO

Mechanical Engineer from NSW – Technical and Further Education University, 1981.
44 years if experience, 27 years in executive positions. The last 20 years leading process of business strategy ventures for corporate clients. Expertise in oil & gas, energy, logistic, ship building and maritime, offshore and industrial maintenance through out market leader multinational company.•Rolls-Royce Marine Commercial Director – South America; 150 sales contracts.

Livio Rodrigues de Assis

Executive Vice President & EEO

Civil Engineer from the School of Engineering of the Pará State Federal University - UFPA, 1966; Electrical Engineer from the School of Engineering of the Pernambuco State Federal University,  UFPE, 1969. Mr. Assis has strong experience in the Brazilian power sector, having worked from 1998 to 2001 as member of the National Council of Privatization, managed by the Federal Government.  Mr. Assis has worked as member of the Business Management Council of ELETROBRAS


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